The fastest machine

Integra Saratoga machine produces crispy French fries in 35 seconds!

Delicious French fries

Integra Saratoga machine produces fine, delicious and perfect crunchy French fries.

Superior technology

Protected manufacturing process based on complex IT solutions and machining.

Quick support

Our personnel is highly trained available for online support 6 days a week.


World class, breaks the record in the speed of frying in only 35 seconds. Professional quality of final product.

Superbly prepared, crispy and tasty French fries. Masterpiece of speed and quality. When machine starts to fry you can be sure in quality that lasts and lasts.

Integra Saratoga key ability lies in the declared time specification production, smooth and continuous operation without any mechanical intervention.

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Learn all about Integra Saratoga system and how we were able to break the world record in speed frying in only 35 seconds.

Why Customers Choose Integra Saratoga

Automatic maintenance

Machine Integra Saratoga system has self-maintenance and cleaning system and it requires no internal maintenance, cleaning oil, sludge, resins and fragrances. This system works on its automatic algorithms or external commands.

Excellent customer support

Our personnel is highly trained and we are continuously building our help database, so if you have a question that is similar to one in our database, we will provide you an instant answer.

Healthy final product (less than 2.5% FFA in oil)

Continuous monitoring of algorithmic amounts of FAA in oil (less than 2.5%) for satisfying toughest regulations of the European union.

Energy saving technology

Integra Saratoga uses the most advanced energy-saving technology (class A + +), resulting in rational labor costs in terms of electricity and that give great autonomy to work.

Did you know that it's more healthier to eat 200 grams of French fries than 200 grams of cottage cheese. There is much less calcium, fat and salt. Think, look and read.